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What is the advantage of working with a mortgage broker?

Posted by Pam Peters / Feb - 6 - 2014 / Mortgages / 0 Comment

We are asked this question a great deal and believe that there are a number of advantages to using a broker rather than dealing with a branch of your current financial institution. As a mortgage broker we deal exclusively with mortgage financing, working in this area exclusively makes us very

What happens after you make an offer on a home?

Posted by Pam Peters / Dec - 22 - 2013 / Mortgages / 0 Comment

From start to finish, here are 10 simple steps to follow in order to buy your home through us: Well, first you should call us right away! 780-436-0390 Have your real estate agent send us a copy of the offer to purchase and feature sheet, or let us know who

Business for Self clients

Posted by Pam Peters / Dec - 2 - 2013 / Mortgages / 0 Comment

Have you been turned down by your bank because you own your own business?  Did they tell you that you do not make enough income on paper? We have solutions! We offer a number of products that allow us to either state your income (within reason), allow add backs, allow