Borrow your Down Payment

Posted by Pam Peters / Mar - 22 - 2017 / Mortgages / 0 Comment

Did you know that if you have great credit, income and if borrowing your 5% fits in line with your debt servicing ratios, you can borrow your down payment? This is great for clients who are renting and the landlord just advised them they are selling the house. Since they

New Qualifying Rules

Posted by Pam Peters / Oct - 19 - 2016 / Mortgages / 0 Comment

As of October 17, 2016, all new mortgages that are high ratio (less than 20% down) will have to qualify using a stress test rate. That rate is called a bench mark rate (currently today it is 4.64%). Clients will still receive the lowest discounted rate however they now have

What is the advantage of working with a mortgage broker?

Posted by Pam Peters / Feb - 6 - 2014 / Mortgages / 0 Comment

We are asked this question a great deal and believe that there are a number of advantages to using a broker rather than dealing with a branch of your current financial institution. As a mortgage broker we deal exclusively with mortgage financing, working in this area exclusively makes us very