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Here is a list of the top 7 reasons of why you should have a will: 1. Don’t let the government be in charge of your money and assets. Pick an executor and make sure you tell family where your will is. 2. Make your wishes known. How are you

Is rate the only option you should look for in a mortgage?

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No! Mortgage rates are an important part of the mortgage application but it shouldn’t be the only item you think about. Questions you should be asking yourself are: How long will you be living in this property, is there a possibility that you might be transferred with your job, do

Borrow your Down Payment

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Did you know that if you have great credit, income and if borrowing your 5% fits in line with your debt servicing ratios, you can borrow your down payment? This is great for clients who are renting and the landlord just advised them they are selling the house. Since they