Business for Self clients

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Have you been turned down by your bank because you own your own business?  Did they tell you that you do not make enough income on paper? We have solutions! We offer a number of products that allow us to either state your income (within reason), allow add backs, allow

Down Payment

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The minimum down payment on a residential mortgage is 5%. This down payment can come from accumulated savings, RRSPs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, Tax Free Savings Accounts, gifted money from an immediate relative, or some combination of the above. If you have money from a different source please call us


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A pre-approval should be your first step before you start looking at homes.  The process is quick, painless, and the advantages are huge.  First and foremost, a pre-approval will have you looking in the right price range. There is nothing worse than finding your dream home only to discover that